Clamp Adaptor

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Suit for---Hismith premium sex machine with KlicLok connector. High quality material---Stainless steel & High strength ABS. Easy to use - Just unscrew the knob and put your vibrator in, then screw down. Durable and firmly - High strength anti-skip material, can hold the Vibrator well. Functional - This adapter can hold small and medium size G spot vibrator. The sex machine adapter is a high quality, affordable sex tool. It is electronic polished for a super smooth surface on the connector. It fits for small and medium size G spot vibrator. so you are not need to bear dull dildo penetrate when use the sex machine, this item can easily hold a vibrator you have, let you orgasm in a short time. With this guy, you can enjoy vagina sex and clitor vibrator orgasm at the same time, what are you waiting for? Do not hestiate to get one, you won't be disappointed. Note: This adapter is not inclulding any vibrator, the av vibrator on picutre for reference only, beside, this adapter wan work with most of stainless steel sex machine, Large size vibrator is not suit for this clamp, keep that in mind.


  • Waterproof
RVS, Aluminium
Weight per unit:
0.094 kg